Why use our Toastmasters?

Some reasons why …

Add a dash of tradition and elegance to any event

Many venues will advise you that they can provide a toastmaster. In reality, this person will not be a ‘red-jacket’ professional dedicated solely to your event, but simply a member of staff who will have numerous other duties on the day. If you choose a Guild toastmaster, they will be at your service exclusively throughout the event, working tirelessly on your behalf to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Choosing a professional toastmaster for your event will:

  • reduce your stress levels
  • give you the support of a dedicated specialist throughout your event
  • enable you to relax, secure in the knowledge that all proceedings will be directed with the appropriate blend of professionalism, fun and formality
  • add warmth, colour and character
  • make your event even more memorable
  • deliver a well-organised, punctual and enjoyable occasion for all of your guests

What do toastmasters do?

Guild toastmasters are fully trained in the disciplines and protocols expected at every type of event. Your toastmaster will:

  • work with you from the planning stages to ensure your event is well organised
  • advise on the appropriate formalities, etiquette and protocol for your style of event
  • work diligently and unobtrusively to help your event run like clockwork
  • make your guests feel welcomed and at ease
  • provide official announcements and introductions
  • enable you to concentrate on the business of the day, without worrying about the smooth running of the event