Why use our Toastmasters?

Some reasons why …

Whatever the formal occasion and wherever it is, it will progress more smoothly with the help of a Toastmaster from The Northern Guild of Toastmasters. We have members in all parts of the Country.

You will find them the ideal person for your special occasion. He/she is a person of presence who can turn a good event into a ‘great occasion’, smoothly organized and superbly presented.

Engaging a professionally trained toastmaster means the host or bridal party can relax and enjoy the occasion, safe in the knowledge that a toastmaster is there quietly in the background making sure things happen as they should.

An important reception, a dinner or banquet, a wedding reception, a private or civic function, perhaps where Royalty are present: so many occasions nowadays demand the correct approach.

We have back up of Public Liability Insurance cover for our members and in case of illness or accident a Toastmaster of the same standard can be provided.

When you engage a toastmaster who is a member of the Northern Guild of Toastmasters you can feel sure that your event is in safe hands.